Our Tutor Team

The Global Institute for Public Relations (GIPR) employs an expert team of tutors, each a specialist in their own field with decades of working experience in their profession.

We are strengthened by coveted resources such as bespoke audio and video content, industry expert tutors, alumni networking, and integrated real-world experiences and advice for each field.

This framework, which is built upon Ellen Gunning’s expertise, makes GPIR the industry standard and a leader for public relations.

Our Tutor Team

brenda murphy

Brenda Murphy

Public Relations Tutor

Cóilín Duffy

News Reporting Tutor

Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson

Print Journalism Tutor

jay hunter

Jay Hunter

Multimedia Journalism Tutor

Heather MacLeod

Radio Journalism Tutor

Norman Jack

Radio & Multimedia Journalism Tutor

Hugh Hick

Radio & Podcasting Tutor

maria carolan

Maria Carolan

PR & Event Management Tutor

Jose Penso

Content Creation Tutor

Peter Branigan

Radio & Multimedia Journalism Tutor

Charlene White

Public Relations Tutor

Jenny Murray

Event Management Tutor

tony mccullough

Tony McCullagh

Print Journalism Tutor

Jimmy Greeley

Television Presenter Tutor

Our Credentials

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