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Lisa is the head of EMEA for Vidmob, an American advertising company with Dublin offices.  


Photo by Andrea De Santis 

Liasa’s company is revolunitizing the advertising world. The company works with artificial intelligence to chop up traditional ads and make them suitable for mobile platforms. Data can be taken from the company’s advertising history, as well as individual frames from years of promotional content and broken down into elements. Emotions, product layout and a litany of other information can be separated from the commercials. 

Some ads are terrible for Facebook but wonderful for television. Lisa says that advertisments sent to her company can be broken down and combined with data to find the most efficient combination of elements for a high-performance rate. In the modern world, click through rates and high-performance rates are crucial for communications companies to achieve. Breaking creations into tiny elements allows you to figure out what specific details such as colors or word choice are increasing sales.  

Similar Traits

Lisa believes that her fascinating company can figure out how the appearance of an actor or arrangement of elements on the screen can change consumer behavior. Something as small as a choosing a spokesperson wearing blue instead of red can make a huge difference in profit margins. Tracking the behavioral patterns of audiences is key to figuring out what advertising strategy is working for a business and what is not. Not only can Lisa determine what works and what does not, she can also figure out why audiences aren’t responding to a certain model or look.  

Sometimes a certain gender or pose can make or break an advertisment. Typically, when companies make tweaks from the recommendations of Vidmob they see higher results. Small changes in ads can truly make a world of difference. Certain trends certainly tend to work for brands across the board. For example, a brief surprise showcasing (e.g. of what is inside a gift box) allows audiences to stay engaged without associating the product with negative emotions. Strategies will also vary widely across different platforms and brands.  

Diferent Demographics

What people expect from Facebook is very different than what they expect from Instagram. You don’t need a new ad for different platforms. However small changes will better optimize your content for different audiences. Demographics make a large difference as well. Different ages, genders and other people groups have different expectations of certain advertising. Remixing the work of an advertising agency can make a huge change in how many people respond to the creative content.  

Lisa is proud of how she utilizes very well-known brands such as Johnson and Johnson. Increasing the performance rate of a particular piece of advertising without forcing the company to pour money into making new items can give companies a lot of value in their work. “We try to find three or four insights that make sense for that ad” said Lisa. Her company would appear to be very data informed. They do not like to answer creative questions without data. Almost anything can be made more efficient with new technology, that is something communications officials must take advantage of in our new society, 

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran 


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