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Brian Commins has worked in the radio industry for over twenty tears. He got into the sector while working for a promotions company in Edinburgh that worked very closely with radio stations. Apart from doing voiceovers for the occasional advertisement, Commins is more comfortable behind the scenes and has strived to help grow audiences through effective leadership for years. Brian has touched all parts of the frequency modulation business and has learned a lot along the way, all of which he discussed when he spoke to Ellen Gunning for Dublin City FM’s Mediascope programme.

Brian’s Prior Experience

Brian Commins has experienced big changes throughout his career, he moved from local Scottish radio to a national London programme before making his mark on Irish radio. “My yearly target for Scott FM became my monthly target for London radio”, Commins said that managing transitions is a huge part of being an effective leader. Working with a company in the United Kingdom meant Brian had a lot of brand power and a large budget, which made it easier to secure advertisers with large amounts of money to spend on advertising. The number of listeners determines how much a radio company can charge for advertisements. Scott FM had less listeners but a stronger connection with its audience, so Brian adjusted his sales pitch when he began working in London and adapted to the new environment by changing his tactics to accommodate the different selling points

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How The Pandemic Is Changing Radio’s Future

It is an exciting time in the communications industry as COVID-19 releases its grasp on the world and audiences are ready to purchase products and reward advertisers once again. Radio became a friend to many listeners during the pandemic as it was seen as entertaining and accessible during mandatory quarantines at home. Brian once again finds himself adapting to larger radio audiences now that Ireland’s radio stations have grown in popularity as a result of the pandemic. He has had to work with more advertisers and adapt his skills to meet the challenge of convincing a growing number of businesses to consider radio as an advertising platform. Brian’s experiences show that rapid change is inevitable in any industry.

The Effectiveness of Diverse Experiences

Brian’s large resume and his volume of experience has allowed him to create unique strategies that cater to different audiences. Local radio stations have the unique challenge of generating conversations among a smaller amount of people. Urban radio shows such as those in London must fight harder to generate buzz among the large amount of noise. Tracking the value of advertising through surveying different audiences about how they discovered a product or service has proved to be a universally effective way of convincing companies to purchase airtime. Creating a diverse background like that of Brian’s has allowed him to curate effective business plans with smaller markets in Scotland and larger markets like those in London as well as a radio show in Dubai. Serving a wide array of different companies may sound like a huge challenge for most professionals, but it certainly pays off in the long run.

The Big Idea

Brian Commins has been successful through adaptability and resilience. Commins’ instant love for radio made it easier to stay motivated and network with every unique employee he has encountered. When you love a business sector you will feel energized and excited in many different companies and countries. Brian’s experience speaks to the importance of chasing your interests and striving to create a career out of an inherent passion. Whether it is radio or television, books, or something entirely different, every corporation needs communication specialists and industry leaders. Brian’s story of success shows that thriving is possible in any location if you have a genuine love for your industry and the drive to pursue it.

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Originally aired on Dublin City FM’s Mediascope Programme

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