Changing your strategy is key to dealing with uncertain times

Jim Walsh is a communications expert from Walsh Public Relations. As a communications expert, Jim has had to address his marketing strategies in the quarantined world. The pandemic has led to big changes in a number of organizations. In person events are limited, if not impossible. Profit margins have also drastically dropped as it becomes harder for societies to raise funds. A large number of layoffs has led to a drop in the disposable income of customers.

Jim has experience working with charitable endeavors. Jim works with the Society of St Vincent De Paul. The charity is an endeavor of the Catholic church. The society works to serve financially deprived people across Ireland. The organization sells donated items at a discounted price in thrift stores to raise money for the poor. They also have several outreach programs that address local need and provide social services.

Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi on Unsplash 

Covid had a massive impact on the charity. They have been around for a very long time and primarily operated on the same face to face basis for centuries. “Visitation was a core part; it was at the core of activities” said Jim when describing how things used to operate through the program. More emphasis had to be placed on the online and phone operations as a result of losing face to face interactions. The charity also had to streamline operations in the face of a decreasing budgets as they lost donations collected during in person church services and from brick and mortar stores.

Meeting with people through virtual programs will never be the same as meeting people face to face. Volunteers need to have a comprehensive understanding of the resources available to people in need, and how to communicate effectively through the phone or internet. The Society of St Vincent De Paul sometimes serves people who are craving someone to talk to or need help finding the right program to assist their families. With inflation and unemployment on the rise, more people need services than ever.

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