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The Stars Hold the Secret to a Brilliant Communications Strategy

Why Astrology Is Trending

COVID-19 has left many people searching for a feeling of control and stability. The hashtag astrology has continued to grow in popularity during recent months, and has now accumulated 26 billion views on Tik Tok and there are 9.2 million photos using the hashtag on Instagram. Companies need to stay on top of rising trends such as astrology so they can stay relevant in the market. Zodiac signs present an exciting opportunity to connect with customers through appealing designs, color palettes and writing that will increase the bottom line by appealing to the mystical interests of viewers.

Designing Your Brand’s Future

The designs of the twelve unique astrological positions lend themselves to their use for appealing graphics. The lion from the Leo sign can be drawn roaring in an Instagram advertisement, the relaxing Pisces fish can be shown frolicking underwater on a billboard. Incorporating elements of each unique zodiac sign into your advertising will appeal to target markets through the bright colours and fun designs of each mascot. Providing products as well as advertisements that feature each zodiac sign will allow customers to feel recognised and catered to by brands. For example, providing different mugs or books for the different signs (a black mug for a Capricorn, a blue mug for a Gemini) will make your company stand out with its ability to cater to different peoples’ identities.

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Brand Identity and Consumer Identity

Individuals and brands are alike in their quest for a unique identity. Everyone wants to feel that they are special and stand out from the crowd. Likewise, every company seeks to set themselves apart from competition and carve out a unique position in the economy. Each different astrological symbol has a unique set of traits assigned to it. For example, Virgos are known for being hard working and ambitious whereas Scorpios are known for being charismatic and fun. Companies should consider how the different astrological symbols can be customised to fit their unique brand image. Realistic designs and a sleek black and white colour palette might be best suited to an interior design company seeking to use zodiac signs on their products, whereas cartoonish and colourful elements from each astrological sign might be well suited to a children’s book company.

Zodiac Signs in the Workplace

Motivating employees is no easy task. The materials created by internal affairs departments to communicate with the office should be carefully created with the brand’s culture in mind. Welcoming spirituality into the office has to be done very carefully so as not to offend or alienate any specific religions or world-views. However, including optional horoscope information in company emails and putting up posters in staff rooms that go over a brief recommendation for each of the astrological positions will go a long way in keeping the office culture creative and fun. An email suggesting a unique way to stay motivated at work for each zodiac sign such as music for Cancers and coffee for Libras helps individual employees feel unique and understood. Sending out internal memos that keep decision makers abreast of what is trending on social media, including in the new age and spiritual world will help employees make effective decisions that appeal to the current culture. Human resource departments can encourage employees by reminding them that the earth sign in their birth chart makes them hard working, the water sign makes them creative, the earth sign makes them flexible and the fire sign makes them passionate and energised. Astrology provides an effective framing device for complimenting employees and helping them see their individual potential.

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Astrology and Consumers

Between online shopping, brick and mortar stores as well as television infomercials, customers have more options for how they want to shop than any other time in history. It is imperative that businesses give their items an advantage through adhering to trends and cultural values. Creating designs that showcase stars, mottos and symbols from astrology’s unique divination system will meet customers in their search for identity and control. Products that show off the zodiac symbols in their appearance can be as subtle as having a small Taurus bull in a corner or as bold as printing the words “I’m a Capricorn” in the middle of an item. The trick to effective merchandising is figuring out exactly what aesthetic your buyers are looking for and what is driving their purchase so you can fulfil their desires. Every business should keep track of the growing metaphysical trends so they can use these topics to increase profit margins.

What To Know About Trends

Trends will always impact every aspect of a business. The market shapes what decisions businesses make and motivates their plans. Social media has guided consumers into a more individualistic age where they can research different belief systems and reach their own

conclusions about the universe. Appealing to the unique world view of a client makes your brand more appealing overall. How will your business take advantage of the zodiac signs?

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