The Global Institute for Public Relations (GIPR) is built on a foundation of networks, communication, and teachings expertly crafted and developed since the early 1990s.

GIPR has deep-set roots in Ireland and has vastly expanded its network to Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia in the last 30 years. GIPR has built connections in over 50 countries and has courses spanning many communication subjects: public relations, journalism, event management, social media marketing, content creation, podcasting, radio and television presenting, and grammar.

Our Core Values

We aim to make education a positive and attainable experience for all. By creating online courses, individuals can build their study schedule to suit their lives. We promise to provide equal learning opportunities for everyone who comes through our doors. At GIPR we believe that an education or job opportunity should not be determined by an individual’s gender, age, race, religious belief, sexuality, income, disability or geographic location.

Our promise to you

GIPR holds itself to a high standard and discourages any form of discrimination. We strive to recommended ethical examples, real-life scenarios and instances in all our training. We promise to practice in a fair and reasonable manner. Everyone is welcome to join the GIPR community. 

Our History


In the 1990s, the Academy taught public relations and journalism courses at University College Dublin (UCD), University College Cork (UCC) and Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) in Ireland.

As the Academy grew, we expanded our range of courses to include event management, radio and television presenting, grammar, social media marketing and mobile journalism.

Growing Network
Partner Colleges

We created a network of partner colleges who teach our courses throughout Ireland. We accredit and certify courses in approx. 40 colleges throughout the country.

We also have partner colleges in Greece (The E-Learning Academy) and Nigeria (Dorben Polytechnic) who teach our courses.

International Expansion
Academy in the Middle East

We have created a joint venture with Orient Planet PR consultancy which is the largest PR consultancy in the Middle East. The OP Academy offers our range of courses in this region in Arabic and English. Our Public Relations course is taught in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Arabic. We have just introduced our Journalism course in Spanish and more courses in these languages are planned for the future.

Global Footprint
Present Day

We have Academy graduates in: America, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The number of graduates, and countries of residence, is growing each month.

Connected Network
Worldwide Alumni

We have recently created an international alumni so that our graduates can get to know each other and use other graduates as a resource for help, business information or communications advice. Visit here.

Affiliations & Accreditations

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