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Ellen Gunning interviewed Mary Curran on the Mediascope programme on Dublin City FM.

Mary Curran is a life coach who works with clients from Ireland and the United States of America. A life coach is someone who helps those who feel they aren’t achieving what they could with their current job and seek change. Mary primarily deals with clients who are looking to not only change their jobs but also their career and lifestyle.

“I wanted to work with people in a deeper way”

Mary has experienced her own personal journey, as she herself is currently in her third career. She started out in customer service with the ESB and was eventually promoted to their public relations department. Mary admitted that she always liked working with people directly. So, after many years she decided to leave the ESB and set up her own restaurant in St Stephens Green called the Pavlova Pantry. After some time running a busy restaurant, she realized that while she loved working with, she didn’t enjoy the catering work at all. Mary took a year out to explore the options for her future. She knew she still wanted to work with people, but in a deeper way.

The Work we were Born to Do

After reading Nick William’s Book, “The Work We Were Born to Do: Find the Work You Love – Love the Work You do”, she was intrigued by the ideas presented. This led her to more training in communications and personal development. Interested in the new area of Neuro Linguistic Programming, so Mary travelled to the UK to study. It was there she met people working as life coaches. Convinced that this was the path for her, she went to the USA and studied with the founding father of life coaching, Thomas Leonard.

Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

Mary is now an executive coach with the Association of coaching, she guides people through career and life changes. She strongly believes that life is too short to not work at what you love, enjoy and excel in, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”, she says in her interview. Dissatisfaction and frustration with work spills out into other parts of your life. Many people come to her who experience that niggling feeling that there must be more to life than this. Some of her clients seek change to achieve a better work life balance. Some love their work but are unhappy with the work environment and organisation’s values.

Values are at the Core of Everything

Mary believes that values are at the core of very thing, we know ourselves through our value system. So, while a job may pay well and offer lifestyle and security, if it does not align with the employee’s values, they will seek change. This is more evident than ever following the Covid 19 lockdown. People suddenly had time to think and reevaluate their priorities. Many now feel that family life and quality personal time is more valuable to them. Some are willing to forsake promotion, seniority and higher salaries in order to do a job that they love and that allows them to have a better quality of life.

Find your Passion

Mary very much believes in finding your passion and finding a job which involves that passion. This idea is growing now, even among young people. Money is no longer the main motivator – people want to be passionate about what they do. A life coach can guide you through this journey of change and help you find the work you love. Find out more about Mary Curran and the services she offers on her website or her linkedin

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